The Saking of Fallujah, A People's History

Le  BRussells Tribunal, en collaboration avec Muntpunt et PassaPorta, vous invite à participer au lancement officiel en Europe du livre: "The Sacking of Fallujah, A People's History". La présentation aura lieu le 19 juin à Bruxelles, Muntpunt 6 et commence à 19 heures.

European book presentation
June 12th - 19:00
«Muntpunt», Place de la Monnaie, 6
1000 Bruxelles

The Saking of Fallujah, A People's History
With author
Donna Mulhearn.
Moderator :
Sabah al-Mukhtar,
president of Arab Lawyers Association-UK

Organized by Muntpunt and PassaPorta

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"The Sacking of Fallujah offers a radically different and sorely needed perspective on the Iraq War. It describes the war as experienced by ordinary Iraqis rather than by foreign, occupying troops. This is historical revisionism of the very best sort." - Andrew J. Bacevich, Author of America's War's for the Greater Middle East: A Military History

"This groundbreaking work cuts through thick veils of propaganda to reveal the experiences of the victims, with depth of research and a sensitivity that is uniquely perceptive⎯and with powerful lessons for solidarity work and the struggle for 'peace with justice," not only in the tortured land of Iraq." -Noam Chomsky, Laureate Professor of Linguistics and Agnese Nelms Haury Chair at the University of Arizona

About the speaker: Donna Mulhearn

Donna Mulhearn is an activist, writer, and speaker. She acted as a human shield, aid worker, and human rights activist in Iraq and was an eye-witness to the April 2004 attack on Fallujah. Donna is also a journalist and former political adviser, having earned a Masters degree from the University of Sydney Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies. Her book, Ordinary Courage, a memoir about her experience as a human shield, was published in 2010. Donna also coordinates the Australian Campaign to Ban Uranium Weapons.

About the book:

"The Sacking of Fallujah offers a people’s history of the three sieges and related military assaults, launched against the Iraqi city of Fallujah by the US military and its allies. This timely and compelling combination of eye-witness testimony, historical documentation, and expert analysis is the first complete account of the sieges of Fallujah, from the two US-led operations in 2004 to the recent Iraqi-led operation to wrest control of the city from the Islamic State in 2016.

Distinguishing itself from other books on Fallujah, written mainly by current and former American soldiers, this book draws on a wide range of sources and includes independent and Iraqi voices. It is also the first book to directly analyze the role of US military information warfare in the operations. Additionally, this book combines military history with social history, drawing attention to the human consequences of these operations as instances of sociocide, urbicide, and ecocide.

Thus, this book sets out to give a comprehensive analysis of these operations, placing military action in its political, social, and humanitarian context. Weaving first-hand accounts together with analysis, The Sacking of Fallujah is a catalyst for widespread community reflection on the important lessons to be drawn from a conflict that symbolizes the brutality of modern warfare."

Ross Caputi

Ross Caputi is a PhD student in History at the University of Massachusetts. A former US Marine who participated in the second siege of Fallujah, Ross was compelled by the destruction and suffering he helped cause to become an anti-war activist, speaker, and writer. He is also the director of the People's History of Fallujah digital archive and in 2013 he co-founded the Islah Reparations Project.

Richard Hil

Dr. Richard Hil is an adjunct professor at Griffith University's Gold Coast Campus an is the Convenor at the Ngara Institute. His research and teaching interests are in the areas of social and community development, criminology, youth studies, and peace and conflict studies. Richard is author of several books including recent publications Erasing Iraq, Surviving Care, and Whackademia: An insider’s account of the troubled university.